Tudor-Related Books

So I’ve put together a list of all of the Tudor and Wars of the Roses related books I want. The ones scored through are the ones I’ve already got or read. Any opinions on any of them, or are any of them better than others? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as I don’t think it’s sensible to splurge and buy them all at once!

Ackroyd, Peter, ‘Foundation’ (2011)

Ackroyd, Peter, ‘London: the Biography’ (2001)

Ackroyd, Peter, ‘Tudors’ (2012)

'Anne Boleyn: Queen of Controversy' by Lacey Baldwin Smith (2013).
‘Anne Boleyn: Queen of Controversy’ by Lacey Baldwin Smith (2013).

Baldwin Smith, Lacey, ‘Anne Boleyn’ (2013)

Baldwin Smith, Lacey, ‘Catherine Howard’ (2010)

Baldwin Smith, Lacey, ‘Henry VIII’ (2012)

Baldwin Smith, Lacey, ‘Treason in Tudor England: Politics and Paranoia’ (2006)

Bernard, George W., ‘Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions’ (2010)

Bernard, George W., ‘The King’s Reformation: Henry VIII and the Remaking of the English Church’ (2007)

Bordo, Susan, ‘The Creation of Anne Boleyn: in Search of the Tudors’ Most Notorious Queen’ (2014)

Brigden, Susan ‘New Worlds, Lost Worlds: the Rule of the Tudors 1485-1603’ (2001)

Brigden, Susan, ‘Thomas Wyatt: the Heart’s Forest’ (2012)

Bruce, Marie Louise, ‘Anne Boleyn’ (1972)

Carter, Alicia, ‘The Women of the Wars of the Roses: Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth of York’ (2013)

Coby, J. Patrick, ‘Thomas Cromwell’ (2012)

Crawford, Anne, ‘The Yorkists: the History of a Dynasty’ (2006)

Denny, Joanna, ‘Anne Boleyn: a New Life of England’s Tragic Queen’ (2005)

Denny, Joanna, ‘Katherine Howard: a Tudor Conspiracy’ (2007)

Edwards, John, ‘Mary I: England’s Catholic Queen’ (2011)

Elton, Geoffrey, ‘England Under the Tudors’ (1991)

Erickson, Carolly, ‘Mistress Anne’ (1998)

Fox, Julia, ‘Jane Boleyn: the Infamous Lady Rochford’ (2008)

Fox, Julia, ‘Sister Queens: Katherine of Aragon and Juana Queen of Castile’ (2012)

Fraser, Antonia, ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ (2009)

Fraser, Antonia, ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ (2009)

Friedmann, Paul, ‘Anne Boleyn’ (2010)

Gregory, Philippa, ‘The Women of the Cousins’ War: the Duchess, the Queen, and the King’s Mother’ (2012)

Gristwood, Sarah, ‘Blood Sisters: the Women Behind the Wars of the Roses’ (2012)

Gristwood, Sarah, ‘Elizabeth and Leicester’ (2008)

Hackett, Francis, ‘Henry VIII’ (1973)

Hart, Kelly, ‘The Mistresses of the Henry VIII’ (2011)

Hicks, Carola, ‘The King’s Glass: a Story of Tudor Power and Secret Art’ (2007)

Hicks, Michael, ‘Anne Neville: Queen to Richard III’ (2013)

Hicks, Michael, ‘The Wars of the Roses’ (2012)

Higginbotham, Susan, ‘The Woodvilles: the Wars of the Roses and England’s Most Infamous Family’ (2013)

Hunt, Alice, ‘Tudor Queenship: the Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth’ (2012)

Hutchinson, Robert, ‘House of Treason: the Rise and Fall of a Tudor Dynasty’ (2010)

Hutchinson, Robert, ‘The Last Days of Henry VIII: Conspiracy, Treason and Heresy at the Court of the Dying Tyrant’ (2006)

Hutchinson, Robert, ‘Thomas Cromwell: the Rise and Fall of Henry VIII’s Most Notorious Minister’ (2009)

Hutchinson, Robert, ‘Young Henry: the Rise of Henry VIII’ (2012)

'The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn' by Eric Ives, first published in 2004.
‘The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn’ by Eric Ives, first published in 2004.

Ives, Eric, ‘Lady Jane Grey: a Tudor Mystery’ (2011)

Ives, Eric, ‘The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn’ (2005)

Ives, Eric, ‘The Reformation Experience’ (2012)

James, Susan ‘Catherine Parr: Henry VIII’s Last Love’ (2009)

Jones, Philippa ‘Elizabeth I: Virgin Queen?’ (2010)

Jones, Philippa, ‘The Other Tudors: the Mistresses and Bastards of Henry VIII’ (2009)

Licence, Amy, ‘In Bed with the Tudors: the Sex Lives of a Dynasty from Elizabeth of York to Elizabeth I’ (2012)

Licence, Amy, ‘Elizabeth of York: the Forgotten Tudor Queen’ (2013)

Licence, Amy, ‘Anne Neville: Richard III’s Tragic Queen’ (2013)

Licence, Amy, ‘Richard III: the Road to Leicester’ (2014)

Lindsey, Karen, ‘Divorced Beheaded Survived: a Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII’ (1996)

Lipscomb, Suzannah, 1536: the Year That Changed Henry VIII’ (2006)

Lipscomb, Suzannah, ‘A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England’ (2012)

Lisle, Leanda de, ‘The Sisters Who Would be Queen: the Tragedy of Mary, Katherine and Lady Jane Grey’ (2010)

Lisle, Leanda de, ‘Tudor: the Family Story’ (2013)

Loades, David, ‘Catherine Howard: the Adulterous Wife of Henry VIII’ (2012)

Loades, David, ‘Elizabeth I’ (2005)

Loades, David, ‘Henry VIII’ (2011)

Loades, David, ‘Jane Seymour: Henry VIII’s First True Wife’ (2013)

Loades, David, ‘Mary Tudor’ (2011)

Loades, David, ‘The Boleyns: the Rise and Fall of a Tudor Family’ (2011)


'The Six Wives of Henry VIII' by David Loades (2010).
‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ by David Loades (2010).

Loades, David, ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ (2010)


Loades, David, ‘The Tudor Queens of England’ (2010)

Loades, David, ‘The Tudors: History of a Dynasty’ (2012)

Lofts, Norah, ‘Anne Boleyn’ (2012)

Macgibbon, David, ‘Elizabeth Woodville: a Life’ (2013)

Mackay, Lauren, ‘Inside the Tudor Court: Henry VIII and His Six Wives Through the Writings of the Spanish Ambassador Eustace Chapuys’ (2014)

Meyer, G.J., ‘The Tudors: Henry VII to Henry VIII’ (2010)

Meyer, G.J., ‘The Tudors: Lady Jane Grey to Elizabeth I’ (2010)

Morris, Sarah, ‘In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn’ (2013)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII’s Obsession’ (2009)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘Anne Boleyn: in her Own Words and the Words of Those Who Knew Her’ (2011)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘Anne of Cleves: Henry VIII’s Discarded Bride’ (2010)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘Bessie Blount: Mistress to Henry VIII’ (2011)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘Catherine Parr’ (2011)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘England’s Queens: the Biography’ (2012)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘Jane Seymour: Henry VIII’s True Love’ (2010)

Norton, Elizabeth, ‘The Boleyn Women: Tudor Femmes Fatales’ (2013)

Penn, Thomas, ‘Winter King: the Dawn of Tudor England’ (2012)

Plowden, Alison, ‘Lady Jane Grey: Nine Days Queen’ (2004)

Plowden, Alison, ‘The House of Tudor’ (2010)

Plowden, Alison, ‘The Young Elizabeth’ (2011)

Plowden, Alison, ‘Tudor Women: Queens and Commoners’ (2002)

Plowden, Alison, ‘Two Queens in One Isle: the Deadly Relationship of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots’ (2003)

Porter, Linda, ‘Katherine the Queen: the Remarkable Life of Katherine Parr’ (2011)

Porter, Linda, ‘Mary Tudor: the First Queen’ (2009)

Prescott, H.F.M., ‘Mary Tudor: the Spanish Tudor’ (2003)

Rex, Richard, ‘Elizabeth I: Fortune’s Bastard?’ (2009)

Rex, Richard, ‘Henry VIII and the English Reformation’ (2006)

Rex, Richard, ‘Henry VIII’ (2009)

Rex, Richard, ‘The Tudors’ (2012)

Ridgway, Claire, ‘The Anne Boleyn Collection’ (2012)

Ridgway, Claire, ‘The Anne Boleyn Collection II’ (2013)

Ridgway, Claire, ‘On This Day in Tudor History’ (2012)

Ridgway, Claire, ‘The Fall of Anne Boleyn: a Countdown’ (2012)

Ridley, Jasper, ‘The Tudor Age’ (2002)

Royle, Trevor, ‘The Wars of the Roses: England’s First Civil War’ (2010)

Scarisbrick, J.J., ‘Henry VIII’ (1997)

Schofield, John, ‘The Rise and Fall of Thomas Cromwell: Henry VIII’s Most Faithful Servant’ (2011)

Skidmore, Chris, ‘Death and the Virgin: Elizabeth, Dudley and the Mysterious Fate of Amy Robsart’ (2011)

Somerset, Anne, ‘Elizabeth I’ (2002)

Starkey, David, ‘Crown and Country: a History of England Through the Monarchy’ (2011)

Starkey, David, ‘Elizabeth’ (2001)

Starkey, David, ‘Henry: Model of a Tyrant’ (2013)

Starkey, David, ‘Henry: Virtuous Prince’ (2009)

Starkey, David, ‘Six Wives: the Queens of Henry VIII’ (2004)

Starkey, David, ‘The Reign of Henry VIII: Personalities and Politics’ (2002)

Tremlett, Giles, ‘Catherine of Aragon: Henry’s Spanish Queen’ (2011)

Warnicke, Retha, ‘The Marrying of Anne of Cleves: Royal Protocol in Early Modern England’ (2000)

Warnicke, Retha, ‘The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn’ (1991)

Warnicke, Retha, ‘Wicked Women of Tudor England: Queens, Aristocrats, Commoners’ (2012)

Weir, Alison ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ (2007)


Alison Weir's 'The Lady in the Tower: the Fall of Anne Boleyn' (2009).
Alison Weir’s ‘The Lady in the Tower: the Fall of Anne Boleyn’ (2009).

Weir, Alison, ‘Britain’s Royal Families: the Complete Genealogy’ (2008)

Weir, Alison, ‘Children of England: the Heirs of King Henry VIII 1547-1558’ (2008)

Weir, Alison, ‘Elizabeth of York’ (2013)

Weir, Alison, ‘Elizabeth the Queen’ (2009)

Weir, Alison, ‘Henry VIII: King and Court’ (2008)

Weir, Alison, ‘Lancaster and York: the Wars of the Roses’ (2011)

Weir, Alison, ‘Mary Boleyn: the Great and Infamous Whore’ (2012)

Weir, Alison, ‘Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley’ (2008)

Weir, Alison, ‘The Lady in the Tower: the Fall of Anne Boleyn’ (2010)

Weir, Alison, ‘The Princes in the Tower’ (2011)

Whitelock, Anna, ‘Elizabeth’s Bedfellows: an Intimate History of the Queen’s Court (2013)

Whitelock, Anna, ‘Mary Tudor: England’s First Queen’ (2010)

Whitelock, Anna, ‘Tudor Queenship: the Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth’ (2012)

Wilkinson, Josephine ‘Mary Boleyn: the True Story of Henry VIII’s Favourite Mistress’ (2010)

Wilkinson, Josephine, ‘Anne Boleyn: the Young Queen to Be’ (2011)

Wilkinson, Josephine, ‘The Princes in the Tower: Did Richard III Murder His Nephews, Edward V and Richard of York?’ (2013)

Williams, Neville, ‘Elizabeth I’ (1972)

Williams, Neville, ‘Henry VIII and his Court’ (1971)

Williams, Patrick, ‘Katherine of Aragon: the Tragic Story of Henry VIII’s First Unfortunate Wife’ (2013)

Wilson, Derek, ‘Henry VIII: Reformer and Tyrant’ (2009)

Wilson, Derek, ‘In the Lion’s Court: Power, Ambition and Sudden Death in the Reign of Henry VIII’ (2002)

Zupanec, Sylwia, ‘The Daring Truth About Anne Boleyn: Cutting Through the Myth’ (2012)

2 thoughts on “Tudor-Related Books

  1. I highly recommend Warnicke’s Wicked Women of Tudor England. I see you have Anne Boleyn. How is it? The Anne of Cleves one is very interesting if you’re interested in how the nobles of the time handled marriage protocol.

    Good luck on the book hunt! 🙂


    1. Thanks, I’m building up quite a collection! The Anne Boleyn book by Warnicke is interesting because it’s a relatively old study, and discusses some of the older rumours, which most historians now simply dismiss. However, some of her ‘facts’ have now generally been dismissed, so you have to be careful.


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