#Bookstagram Tour for ‘Elizabethan Rebellions: Conspiracy, Intrigue, and Treason’

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that my book has been on a #Bookstagram tour this last week, thanks to Pen and Sword Books. There have been some brilliant reviews and some lovely photos to accompany them. I just want to say a massive thanks to all who have taken part:











I’m posting the reviews below for anyone not on Instagram, but I feel so humbled by the lovely reviews and comments.


This has been interesting and really shone a light on the reign of Elizabeth I. I found this fascinating, I’ve always loved the period around Tudor history so was instantly excited by this one. Elizabeth I was never going to have an easy time. This is a book that shines a light on each rebellion she faced with analysis on how her reign was impacted by these. This is a book that delves deep into each rebellion and I’ve been completely engrossed. We really see what happened, who was involved and how they play out. This is written in a way that it’s easy to get lost in the pages. Informative, interesting and beautifully written. A must for all history fans.

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