Book Review – ‘The Marriage Game’ by Alison Weir

Alison Weir 'The Marriage Game' (2014)
Alison Weir ‘The Marriage Game’ (2014)

Alison Weir, The Marriage Game (London: Hutchinson, 2014) 432 pages, Hardback, ISBN 978-0-0919-26250

Genre/s: = Historical / Drama / Romance

Setting: = London, Kenilworth and Hatfield (England)

Characters: = Elizabeth I of England / Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester / Mary, Queen of Scots / Lettice Dudley, Countess of Leicester / Katherine Knollys / Kat Astley / William Cecil, Baron Burghley / Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex / Christopher Hatton / Sir Francis Drake / Sir Walter Raleigh / Francis Walsingham Continue reading “Book Review – ‘The Marriage Game’ by Alison Weir”

Spotlight: Francis Walsingham

Name: Francis Walsingham.

Title/s: Principal Secretary / Spymaster / English Ambassador to France.

Birth / Death: 1532? – 6 April 1590.

Spouse: Anne Barne (dates unknown) & Ursula St Barbe (? – 1602).

Children: Mary (died as a child) / Frances Devereux, Countess of Essex 1567 – 1633 (by Ursula St Barbe).

Parents: William Walsingham & Joyce Denny (dates unknown)

Siblings: Mary Mildmay ?-1576 / Elizabeth Wentworth / Eleanor / Barbara / Christian

Noble Connections: His daughter, Francis, married the Earl of Essex, who was later executed. He secured the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, and served Elizabeth as her Principal Secretary and “spymaster” for many years.

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