Spotlight: Lady Jane Grey

Name: Jane Grey / Jane Dudley.

Title/s: Queen of England / Nine Days Queen / Lady Dudley.

Birth / Death: 1536? – 12 February 1554.

Spouse: Guildford Dudley 1535? – 1554.

Children: None.

Parents: Henry Grey 1st Duke of Suffolk 1517-1554 & Frances Grey nee Brandon 1517-1559.

Siblings: Katherine Seymour, Countess of Hertford 1540-1568 / Mary Keyes c.1545-1578

Noble Connections: Jane Grey was the grand-daughter of Henry VIII’s sister, Mary, and Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk. She was therefore the niece of Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. She married into the Dudley family; the Duke of Northumberland was her father-in-law, and Robert Dudley, the future Earl of Leicester, was her brother-in-law.

Events of their Lifetime: The reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI, her own ill-fated reign, the execution of her father, Wyatt the Younger’s rebellion which led to her own execution, Elizabeth I’s imprisonment in the Tower of London.

Controversy: Was Jane’s nine days on the throne legitimate? Many dispute her time as Queen. Was Jane in love with her husband? There are suggestions, although it has long been thought that she actually despised him.

Works of Fiction:
Bradford, Karleen, The Nine Days Queen (1986)
Chase, Ella March, The Nine Day Queen (2013)
Purdy, Emily, The Fallen Queen (2013)
Rinaldi, Ann, Nine Days a Queen (2005)
Weir, Alison, Innocent Traitor (2007)
Weir, Alison, A Dangerous Inheritance (2014)

Portrayals on Screen:
Helena Bonham Carter, Lady Jane, 1986, directed by Trevor Nunn
Sarah Frampton, Elizabeth R, 1971, 1 episode
Nova Pilbeam, Tudor Rose, 1936, directed by Robert Stevenson
Perdita Weeks, The Prince and the Pauper, 2000, directed by Giles Foster

Further Reading:
Chapman, Hester, Lady Jane Grey (1962)
Ives, Eric, Lady Jane Grey: a Tudor Mystery (2009)
Lisle, Leanda de, The Sisters Who Would Be Queen: Mary, Katherine and Lady Jane Grey, a Tudor Tragedy (2008)
Plowden, Alison, Lady Jane Grey: Nine Days Queen (1985)


The arms of the Grey family.
The arms of the Grey family.


Streatham Portrait of Jane Grey, copy of a lost original.
Streatham Portrait of Jane Grey, copy of a lost original.

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